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Our Services

We are well established local transport company in UAE, Having more than 300 fully insured Pick Ups & Buses and are currently being used for transportation (Renting Basis)

What we do:
  • We provide our vehicles for Loading & Unloading of Goods & Materials all through United Arab Emirates
  • We provide buses for Office Staff, Hotels, Tourism Companies
  • Vehicles are on Monthly Rent basis /Trips basis with low price
  • Provide Helper along with Driver (Company can decide either to have helper or not for their trips)
  • We have professional drivers who always take care of goods & materials
  • Vehicles available for all Day (Morning & Nights)

Our Vehicles:

  • Pickups: 1Ton, 2Ton & 3Ton
  • Buses: 14, 15, 30, 34 Seats
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UAE / Dubai is one of the most open and freely competitive market in the world with all global facilities so come and contact us for any type of business setup that you look for in Dubai and all Emirates. If you wish to invest money to start a new company anywhere in UAE, Mr. Ali Khamis (CEO) will be your local sponsor/partner with all services you need. We are currently giving all types of Trade Licenses (LLC, Sole Establishment) with full PRO services to start any kind of business activities in UAE. We want your business to open ASAP to begin living your dreams. We offer our clients HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY and a complete range of services to start their business setup and company formation and its related services. We have extensive knowledge and vast experiences in the ministry of Labour & Immigration Department in the UAE Market with our quality services.

Our Key Services
  • Business Set-up Services
  • Qualified Local Sponsor (English & Arabic Speaking)
  • Document Clearing Services
  • Full PRO Services
  • All kinds of Visa Services
  • Document Typing
  • Emirates ID Authority & Ejari Services
  • Tasheel Services
  • Immigration & MOL Transactions
  • Buying and Selling a Business
  • Translation Services
  • Franchise opening in UAE
  • Representative of your business


What we do:
  • Issuing & Cancelling any kind of Trade License (Assist to Start your own business in UAE)
  • Assistance to change the Commercial Names
  • Addition / Withdrawal of any Partners
  • Appointment of any new Partners/manager
  • Adding /Cancelling Business Activities
  • Document Clearance from the Ministry Of Labour & Immigration
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Chance of Investing in Transportation Services in Dubai, UAE:
We are here to make your dreams come true. Yes we help people to buy their own pickups /buses and other transport vehicles to start up their transportation Services in UAE. Up to today we have financed more than 500 vehicles and are always happy to finance more vehicles in coming years. Save your money for opening a trade license, office rent and other charges. We invite you to come and own your vehicle from us. You can also bring contracts/work from other companies for our vehicles and get your commission.

What we do:
  • Finance Transport Pickups & Buses from Banks under our Guarantee (Company Name). 
  • Financial Assistance to get your own Pickups & Buses through AB Group (office).
  • All legal documentation with driver visas.
  • Documents clearance from Ministry of Labour & Immigration Department.
  • Assist the customers to sale & replace the vehicles at good price.
  • Registrations of vehicle.
  • Insurance for the vehicle.
  • We do bring work for our customers.
  • Provide excellent PRO services to all our valued customers.

Kind of Vehicles we Finance:

  • Pickups (1, 2, & 3 Ton)
  • Buses (14, 15, 30, 34, 50 Seats)
  • Recovery Vehicles
  • Water Tankers
  • Trailers
  • Construction Vehicles & Equipment
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Work Chance as Real Estate Brokers in Dubai, UAE:

We provide an excellent opportunity for Real Estate Brokers who don’t have their own office setup or company and they need work place to enhance their activities and income in Dubai UAE.
We provide you:

  • A separate work space/ work station
  • Meeting Room for your clients
  • Office Secretary
  • Landline Telephone
  • Office Boy
  • Visa (Visa payment required)

Benefits: Now you can work like a Businessman, not as an employee without paying office rent, trade license fee and all other charges. We provide you all working facilities so that you start your work like a Businessman in Dubai, UAE.
The company will pay 50% share of your commission. You can earn as much as you can.
If you think you are good enough in real estate sector and want to work like a businessman instead of an employee, than come and join us.
To avail this opportunity, please visit us or reply us by email with full details and we will contact you shortly.

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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights:

The best-known areas of Intellectual Property are Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.
AB Group is among one of the prominent firms which is managing all phases for the protection of intellectual property including trademarks, patents and copyrights in UAE. Our aim is to provide you best Lawyer services for the protection of your intellectual property rights with high quality service at reasonable cost.

Save your rights and register your Trade Mark, Patient, Copyrights and Brand with our well experienced and professional Lawyers.

Our team comprises of highly experienced Corporate Lawyers in Dubai and, as such you can be sure to get the most reliable, accurate and judicious advice from us. So, whether you are planning to set up a new franchise business or seeking patent registration, do contact us and avail our services.

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Representative of Overseas Companies:

AB Group provides all type of services to the overseas companies as a representative of them on their behalf regarding imports and exports of goods from one destination to the other. We help you to reduce the trade barriers on shipping of goods and materials where ever you want to export or import. It will definitely reduce your cost for delivering your products from one country to another. Now we are here to work as your representative in the following matters,
We represent you for:

  • Shipping of Materials & Goods
  • Re-export your goods and material to your final destination
  • Shipping documents clearance
  • Sale/ Purchase Agreements with UAE companies
  • Import & Export of goods on your behalf

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Lawyer Services with Comprehensive Legal Solutions:

Our dedicated team is proud to be able to offer you a professional service with full consultancy in all areas of your legal solutions.
Today we're helping to satisfy the need for a comprehensible and efficient legal solution and providing thorough, up-to-date advice on commonly faced legal issues in the UAE, by providing legal solutions through a panel of lawyers registered with us and or through a local law firm.
Our well experienced lawyers will provide you all types of Lawyer Services, Complete Consultancy and Filling Cases for Civil & Criminal Matters with complete Legal Advice on all UAE Laws.

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FAX : +971 04 2241732